Do you know the number one reason people give as to why they prefer working with small companies? Two words: CUSTOMER SERVICE. Overall, it is small businesses who deliver better customer service than the larger corporations.  Why? Because we have the time to care about our customers. For us, you are never just a number.  

According to a survey carried out by Dimensional Research, sponsored by Zendesk (Big Expectations, Small Businesses: What Customers Want – September 19), 86% of customers surveyed chose a vendor based on a smooth customer service experience.

Customers want their vendor to acknowledge a query quickly.  Everyone is busy – customers despise having to repeat themselves. The Dimensional Research survey shows that customers will prioritise vendors that don’t make them repeat information. Ever contacted a call centre only to be passed from team to team, explaining the problem over and over again? Doesn’t happen in a small business!

The main reasons that people prefer working with a small business:-

  • Speed of response
  • Working with someone who knows the specific situation
  • Time to resolve an inquiry
  • Being Flexible
  • Enjoyable interaction with Staff

Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Hark is a small business, with a big offer and we know that makes us special. We pride ourselves on our customer service and rightly so, because we do it brilliantly!  Ask any of our customers and they will confirm it. We’re flexible, supportive and friendly. We know what’s important and we bring our 15 years’ experience to the table to make sure it happens.

About the author:

Rachel Smith has been delighting customers at Hark Solutions for over 10 years.

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