Unlocking the Power of 3D Visualisation

The Challenge:

Throughout the go-to-market process, brands are challenged by the time and cost associated with product reviews and sampling. Designers, forced to respond fast to ever changing market demands, are turning to 3D design and prototyping to speed up the process and present early views of product ranges. These samples are rendered but often not used to their full potential. Brands struggle to find a platform for the 3D images where designers can collaborate online with product teams, merchandisers, and sales at each stage of range planning. The use of 3D can be a game changer, but if you unable to make use of it throughout your entire go-to-market process, it decimates the huge potential benefits, including speeding up time to market, reducing spend on samples and delivering a richer customer experience.

The Solution:

Getting a fast digital view on developing ranges avoids a major time sink at a critical point in the year and minimises the risk of range misalignment. Quick and easy tools let you review 3D/digital assets from initial rendering through to range review before sharing with your sales team to support sell-in, helping you achieve the right mix of products in every category and channel throughout your business. Sample costs are reduced by giving visibility to all product variants.

Making your 3D/sample digitisation easily available for your buyers to review online gives confidence in their decision-making. Add in powerful filtering options and you offer buyers options to view the range that suits their approach to merchandising. aView gives all stakeholders easy online access to 3D representations of your range. This delivers a richer product experience and capitalises in your investment in 3D product design throughout the go-to-market process and beyond.

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A Truly Bespoke Service with Hark

Here at Hark, we are all about pushing your product data, information, and marketing assets to its maximum potential; including those beautiful 3D product renderings your designers have spent many months creating.

Our skilled Data and Development teams work with your company every step of the way to give you the tools to showcase your 3D designs and use them beyond the design process. Let’s talk to discuss how we can utilize your 3D imagery.

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