Supporting Channel Right Strategies

The Challenge:

With many brands now adopting a ‘channel right’ approach to product sales, it can be a struggle to convey the carefully crafted merchandising plans to your sales teams. Unless your sales team are confident about delivering a ‘channel right’ sales proposal, they will continue to sell in the ‘old way’.

The challenge is to provide the right tool to enable the sales team to effectively communicate ‘channel right’ selections for each market to demonstrate your brand’s expertise. Failing to target the buyer with the right products for their sales channel, reduces sales potential, requires more effort and limits repeat business, inevitably leading to missed sales.

The Solution:

Equipping your sales team with a clear and effective tool to tailor your product offer to deliver assortments ensures their approach will resonate with each individual customer. By tailoring their sell-in to meet the needs of the customer, you will differentiate your brand, exceed buyer expectations, and most importantly, win more business. Our powerful tools are designed to support strategic sales initiatives, from giving ‘channel right’ context to product information in aHub to delivering online sales presentations with aWorkbook to collaborative planning sessions with aView and aViewPro.

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A Truly Bespoke Service with Hark

We understand that presenting your product range to different customers, each with their own requirements and budgets can be a difficult task. We are here to help you adapt to a more streamlined sales process where you can quickly communicate the correct assortments to the right customer at the right time.

The team at Hark are ready to support you on your journey to becoming ‘Channel Right’ experts. Let’s talk to discuss how we can work together.

Jan, Developer

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