Giving Your Team Hands-On Support

The Challenge:

With the pace of change increasing, brands need to get the right solution in place fast. The teams that create your product information typically lack skills in structuring data effectively, leading to badly organised data that can cause fundamental problems in your go-to-market process. If the introduction of a new solution is not properly managed and supported, the resulting delays in implementation and subsequent inefficiency can swiftly offset the promised returns. At worst, a poorly supported software rollout damages workflows and incurs time and financial penalties that reach beyond the potential savings.

The Solution:

Providing the organisation with external expertise and support when introducing new solutions delivers better results faster. It should not add pressure to your already heavy workload. Flexibility is key to embedding new solutions within your business, and taking a ‘stepping stone’ approach delivers immediate benefits while rolling out a solution at a pace your business can comfortably handle.

Our software flexes to handle any data challenge, backed up by our creative and knowledgeable project team. Don’t let your ‘out of shape’ data be a deterrent to embracing a new way of working – use our expertise to ensure your product content is right for every customer.

We parallel track your product content creation, conditioning your data and working iteratively with every update of your line list, aligning with you at every stage. As a result, this alleviates the pressure on your teams and prevents costly project delays and/or lost revenue from missed sales windows.

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Experienced, knowledgeable and with an amazing eye for detail – experts in managing your product information.

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A Truly Bespoke Service with Hark

It is exciting implementing and integrating new systems within the workplace, but we also know that it can be equally as daunting for some employees. This can cause friction and frustration, which ultimately leads to information being fragmented across the company.

Not only does our innovative software provide you with the tools to make tasks more efficient but our committed team provide a very hands-on approach to guide you through implementing our software.

Let’s talk and we can discuss how we can give your team hands on support.

Tony, Data Services Specialist (Systems)

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Arthur C. Clarke