Fast To Market Package

Creating a new product range is just one part of the puzzle. Finding a way to bring all that product information together so it can be reviewed, enriched and shared internally, before sending it out into the market, can be challenging.

Our Fast to Market package will deliver your curated product information and imagery, in an easily accessible, intuitive, cloud-based platform for use throughout your business and beyond, including 12 months’ software licensing and unlimited end-users.

Our Fast to Market package is a unique combination of our user-friendly, aHub online platform, complete with all your data, imagery and marketing assets, delivered by our expert project team.

You remain focussed on the big picture, safe in the knowledge that our Fast to Market package provides the software, the know-how and manpower to ensure your success, over a typical period of 6-8 weeks.

Market-Ready in just 6 simple steps!
Step One: Preparing your FTM plan
We get to know each other. We want to know about the different types of products you offer; and what text, images, video, PDFs and 3D are important to tell your product story. Show us where your information is held, and together we’ll plan how it can be shared with us. We’ll ask for some sample data. Tell us how often your product information changes and who manages it. What is your top priority for the product content to best support your go-to-market activity?
You will receive an easy-to-understand project plan.
Step Two: Presenting your sample content
Now we understand both your goals and your product content, we are ready to configure our aHub platform. Using your sample data as a guide, we customise the attributes to match your products, making links to simplify the ongoing management of the information and build easy-to-use templates to update the content.
We show you your sample product content in aHub.
Step Three: Building your product library in aHub
We take your content (through automation from another system or manually, e.g. Excel or PDF) and upload it into the aHub product library, working iteratively as the range develops. We review and assess your product information, cleansing it as we go. If something doesn’t look right, we’ll let you know, and you can easily see what information is missing.
We create easy-to use content editing templates ready for you to collaborate online to enrich all your product information.
Step Four: Creating a shared view of your content
We’ll build an aView on your product library, complete with filtering, search and comparison features, and options to share imagery and assets. We set up unlimited access for your company-wide teams to benefit from your well-organised, readily available, product content.
A comprehensive aView on all your product content for sharing online within your company.
Step Five: Delivering your Go To Market
With your product content fully conditioned and up-to-date, we will prepare and deliver it to your selected go-to-market channel.
Your product content is available in your chosen channel.
Step Six: Training your team
We train you how to update your product content, publish different views on your data and share them wherever needed. We then provide complimentary email support going forward to aHub users. This completes the Fast to Market Package.
Your aHub users are trained by up to three online sessions.
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Beyond Fast To Market?

With a solid foundation delivered by our Fast To Market package, you can Expand The Market with additional channel views or multiply your ROI by selecting from our plug-in tools, with on-going support from our Projects Team.

Our support does not stop here. Our Projects Team is always on hand to manage the ongoing process for you or can train your team to take over. And our Development Team will help you automate integration of your product content, both in and out of aHub, to make the most of your information wherever you need it.

In year two and beyond, our offer is tailored to your strategic goals and chosen from our menu of software and services, so you can build a package that is perfect for your business.

Jan, Developer

“Don’t Panic!”