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With a solid foundation delivered by our Fast To Market package, you can Expand The Market with additional channel views or multiply your ROI by selecting from our plug-in tools, with on-going support from our projects team.

Throughout the year, our offer is tailored to your strategic goals and chosen from our menu of software and services, so you can build a package that is perfect for your business.

Each of our tools are designed to maximise how your product content in aHub can be used to support the sales process; aView Pro, aWorkbook and aRanger (coming soon).


With powerful features to give feedback, share comments and build selections, aViewPro builds on the aView functionality to offer a collaborative online review tool. Canvass opinion on a developing range, build up a narrative on the evolving products, filter and compare products and then create a tailored selection of products for sharing with others.

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Designed with your buyers’ journey in mind, aWorkbook gives your sales team a digital catalogue app to guide them through product ranges, tell your brand stories, plan assortments and share tailored PDF & Excel files. Integrates with your back-end systems, with offline feature available when there’s no internet connectivity.

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aRanger (coming soon)

The smarter way to build customer-specific MS PowerPoint presentations, where your aHub selection of product information, imagery and 3D assets can all be accessed in PPT via a plug-in, ready to drag and drop up-to-date content just where you need it in your presentation.

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Our services

To help you get the best from our tools, our creative and knowledgeable Projects Team work with you to get everything set up.  You may want a little help organising the way you want your product content to appear in aWorkbook or prefer us to manage the information to be displayed in the aView Pro to suit each group of users.

Going forward, we can continue to manage everything for you, throughout the year. Alternatively, you can build on your initial success by adding in new products, updating existing content and preparing for the new season yourselves. The choice is yours.

Our experience tells us that business systems each have their own nuances, and that swift and effective integration is best delivered on an individual basis. Fully API-enabled, our software is designed to seamlessly integrate with other systems, with minimal impact on your own IT resources. Read more about our Development Team here. 

Gemma, Data Administrator

“Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.” 

Ken Poirot


We build our software to be intuitive and simple to use and everyone has access to our free, comprehensive and user-friendly online knowledge base.   For end-users, you may like to offer some introductory online training to ensure they get the most out of our tools, right from the start.

Ready to deepen your knowledge of aHub? We offer advanced training to seamlessly embed our solutions in your Go To Market flow.

Going forward

Throughout the year, our Grow The Market offer is tailored to your strategic goals and chosen from our menu of software and services, so you can build a package that is perfect for your business.

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We’d love to discuss with you how our Expand The Market options can offer solutions to some of the challenges that you may be facing.

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