Here at Hark we understand that most businesses face challenges when it comes to the collation and integrity of their product data and product assets.

We frequently hear from our clients that their product information comes from multiple teams, often with different priorities, level of detail or format of data that they use. And it can be extremely difficult to pull this information together into a single source. This makes it difficult for teams to collaborate and enrich the product information while maintaining standards of information and integrity of data.

Each client has their own unique data and output challenges and requirements, although common issues include overwriting data held in Excel, misnamed images and the time spent tracking down missing information. Often product teams store their data in different formats and different ways. It would be great to have everything produced in a single format with all the images named consistently, but we know this is often impossible to manage in the real world. That is where we come in – there’s no challenge we haven’t met before.

Our Data Services team take the pain out of collating and processing all your product data into an organised and useful format. We meticulously review and assess all of the information you provide to us, offer feedback to you on how the quality of the data can be improved at source, and integrate restructures and amends as needed. If something doesn’t look right, we let you know. So, we make sure that our Data Services team are involved in every customer project right from the start.

Don’t let your ‘out of shape’ data be a deterrent to embracing a new way of working – use our expertise to ensure your product content is right for every customer.

Our Data Services team have been working with different clients, big and small, across multiple sectors for over 15 years.