Collaborate On Your Product Content Creation

The Challenge:

Creating a full set of product information tailored for delivery across multiple sales channels is not a linear process. Marketing work on the features while Merchandisers are planning assortments and the Pricing team are working on the cost model for each market.

And with colleagues working in different locations, the need for an online platform to manage product information collaboratively becomes crucial. Increasing demand for product information, images, video, and 3D to be easily accessible throughout your organisation, in ready to use formats, escalates the challenge. The requirement for fast and secure delivery of product content to large, distributed audiences means traditional methods of file sharing and quick in-house solutions are not enough. The resulting wasted effort and lost hours coupled with slow fulfilment and poor product experiences directly impacts on your bottom line, leading to decreased profit margins.

The Solution:

A collaborative platform will enable your teams to each contribute effectively in real time to the creation of product content. To achieve fast, accurate product management, beneficial features such as smart automation to complete missing information and views that allow focused input on different aspects of the same product simultaneously. When bringing together content from other systems, look for tools that allow flexible batch processing of images and file uploads and automatic optimisation of 3D, images, and video to save time and empower teams without the need for specialist knowledge.

aHub, our product experience management platform, is built from years of experience working with brands who deal with complex product information and assets. With a user-friendly interface, and with your team members guided by our friendly and knowledgeable Project Leads, your colleagues will be collaborating effectively in weeks, not months. aHub is quick to add value by removing duplication of effort, providing instantly accessible product information for all and facilitating the smooth curation of content between teams to reduce both time and cost.

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A Truly Bespoke Service with Hark

Our software offers tools to unite your workforce, which is now more important than ever. With most staff working at home, inevitably there have been issues with centralising data that has been kept in a variety of locations. The goal is to stop product data silos happening; when people save their own data locally to them and forget to share it with the wider team.

If this sounds like an issue in your company, we would love to discuss with you how our data specialists and our aHub software can help unify your team!

Rachel, Business Development Lead

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